Mark Benson's work examines how people move through the fences of their lives. Weekends, security lines, high rent, horrible markets, libidos, sickness, and health are all delineations in time, space, or self that define our actions and efforts. Most projects use everyday objects or materials to bring to life a variety of contemporary social issues and emotions, from anxiety around productivity, to the fear of failure, to the conflicted joy of being lazy.

To this end, puppies, flu shots, soap, paint and anything else rest on the same playing field for use in the work. Much of his multi disciplinary practice is humorous; some of it is grotesque, but it all looks to provide a new vantage point to moments that are—in one way or another—confined.

Mark Benson was born in Denver, CO in 1978. He received his MFA from California College of the Arts in 2011, and has exhibited nationally and internationally. He lives and works in Denver, CO.